Vine Normal

Connecting high schoolers with Jesus

Vine Fridays (year 7 and up): 6:30 – 8:30 pm

On Fridays when we’re not socially distancing ourselves, the Vine meets together at the church building. On a regular night, we’ll have a simple dinner together at the start of the night, we have a section of ‘All In’ time with everyone and then break off into small groups. Each of these groups has a key leader, and meeting separately allows them to do tailored activities and Bible studies, grow stronger relationships in the small group, and provide an easy place to invite friends. A couple of times a term, we do different nights, where we’re offsite, or where we stay as a large group for the whole night.

Vine Sundays (years 6-9)

On Sundays, at the same time as morning church, the Vine meets at Prouille Primary School (across the road from church). We have a church service for youth – we pray, sing and hear a Bible talk and have morning tea together. During the school holidays, Viners are encouraged to stay in church with the adults.